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The Master Plan

Zero Point The Master Plan: Tunnel Vision


Suzabelle Rising

Suzabelle Rising

Zero Point Inc. to Build New Corporate Headquarters in Virginia Beach


Four Beach Companies Expanding


INC 5000: Zero Point

INC_5000_Zero Point_Perry_Sasnett

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Press Release

Zero Point CEO Perry Sasnett to Present at 2015 Red Bull Glimpses Forum

Annual High Performance and Human Potential Event

Virginia Beach, VA, November 4, 2015  Zero Point CEO and founder Perry Sasnett has been invited to speak at the 2015 Red Bull Glimpses High Performance and Human Potential Forum taking place November 6th and November 7th 2015 in Los Angeles, CA. Glimpses, an annual event brings together high performing individuals from around the world to navigate topics relating to human potential. The purpose of Glimpses is to inspire individuals from various walks of life to perform at the highest level through engaging platforms and unconventional, interactive exchanges. The theme for this year’s 1-day, 2-night event will focus on the role of creativity in human potential. Among those gathered will be a diverse collective of athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, entertainers, and gamers. Sasnett who recently presented at Red Bull’s ‘Performance Under Pressure Camp (PUP)’, another piece of the Human Potential experience, where he presented a series of physical and mental EOD type challenges for participants said, “we were honored that Red Bull asked us to assist in this incredible program”.

Perry Sasnett, a retired war Veteran, Bomb Disposal Expert within Special Operations, and entrepreneur will be lecturing on “Creativity under Pressure”. Perry founded Zero Point Incorporated, a firm that provides explosive ordnance products, services, and training in 2006. Perry, who has been described as a “risk taker and eccentric innovator”, graduated NAVSOCLEOD and worked with the US Navy’s Dolphin Program during his service. Sasnett, renowned for his role in supporting national security efforts, belonged to a world-class team of elite Premier Bomb Disposal Experts. After retiring from his career in the Navy as a Chief Warrant Officer, Perry took on the world of entrepreneurship.

Glimpses will kick off with a party at the pre-event in the Grand Central Market Friday Night, November 6th and the Glimpses Presentation will take place at the Cooper Design Space Saturday November 7th, 2015. The After-Party will be held at the edgy Vortex Immersion Dome.  Learn more about Perry Sasnett by visiting his Official Website at www.perrysasnett.com. Visit the Official Website for Perry’s firm Zero Point at www.zeropointusa.com.


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