Perry_Sasnett BioPerry Sasnett is the Founder and CEO of Zero Point, a firm that specializes in Special Operations Explosive Ordnance Disposal. Perry is not only a successful business owner, but he is decorated war veteran and renowned Bomb Expert. Perry is described as being “a risk taker and eccentric innovator”. His firm supports national security efforts with excellence by providing a vast range of products, services, and training designed for the Special Operation and Explosive Ordnance Disposal Communities.

After graduating Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal (NAVSCOLEOD), Perry’s first tour of duty took him to the Philippines where he endured the famous Mt. Pinatubo eruption.   Perry’s next tour was working with the US Navy’s Dolphin program in Hawaii.  Perry’s comprehensive military training has led him to be recognized as a leader in his field. The business leader, while serving, belonged to an elite unit that has been acclaimed as the world’s Premier Bomb Disposal Experts. Upon retiring from the Navy as a Chief Warrant Officer, Perry stepped into the world of Entrepreneurship.

Surprisingly, Sasnett’s story emerges with humble beginnings in which he has identified himself as an “ex-criminal” and “high school dropout”. Sasnett says, “Because our family barely got by, when I wanted something, I usually had to ‘find’ it”. He committed his first crime at the young age of 5, calling it his, “first B&E”. Perry ditched high school in the 11th grade and hit the road hitchhiking across the country only to face a serious dilemma: join the military or get comfortable wearing orange. Perry opted to enlist in the Navy, creating a fresh new chapter with a noble finish and left behind a person of ill-repute. Perry’s company, Zero Point, is an industry leader that is intensely focused on delivering “excellence, optimization, and innovation” bar none. The business owner attributes his evolving success to, “a very ‘colorful’ background and working with good people.”  However, Perry also states that, “God loves everyone, but truly adores fools and idiots…as I am living proof!”