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Running My First Marathon

Giving it All That I’ve Got

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Are you ready?” The question of the hour! Almost everyday someone asks me if I’m ready to run my first marathon. I am as ready as I’m ever going to be. Sub 4 hours here I come (I think).

Recently, I never know what I am getting into, I know every run is not created equal but I am in that place where I cannot predict my future with any certainty. I start every run with a positive attitude, mind over matter, right? Nope, it doesn’t always work out for me. My husband always asks me “How are you feeling about your run?” and my answers lately have been neutral, almost not answering at all. I am hesitant, even meek to admit that I will meet my goal. I just know that I am going to put one foot in front of the other and finish, which is not the same as meeting my goal. Will I be proud at the end of my run? I’m always wondering…. I should be proud no matter what, right? YES! I should be, this is me convincing myself…

My legs hurt

I took up yoga, Perry goes with me once a week (we are together all the time)

I roll

I soak

I hydrate

My feet hurt

I go to the podiatrist

I roll

I ice

I wear flats

Five miles to 20 miles, one step at a time; my pace is different, my legs feel different, my cadence is different; I don’t know if my stomach will completely turn on me. I’ve come to the conclusion that I would rather throw up (as violent as it is) than have GI problems. I don’t drink coffee, I don’t eat spicy food at dinner (which I love) I‘ve given up most greens because they represent fiber and I drink 100-120 ounces of water a day. I think I’m following all the “rules” but I still can’t predict how I will feel. I start every run thinking, it doesn’t matter, just do it.

Marathon Training 2017 Stacy Sasnett

My first marathon is in 6 days in the beautiful NYC, my favorite city in this country I’m so lucky to call home, The United State of America. I’ve officially started tapering.

I’m nervous

I’m excited

I’m ready

I’m over it

I’m anxious

I’m looking forward to November 6th, 2017!

Stacy Sasnett-Marathon Training-Running

Oddly, I still want to run every run in my future, on my current program and the next marathon. The next “first” I have (triathlon) and the next opportunity I have to wonder if I’m capable of completing a challenge. I dare say, I have yet to complete a challenge. While I may not have crushed it, I finished it. Soooo, is my self-doubt healthy? To some degree? I wonder??? Will I ever know that I will crush it? I don’t now, but I’m gonna give it all I’ve got.


Stacy Sasnett Marathon Training

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