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You Know You Have Taken Your Friendship to Another Level When You Really Piss Them Off



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You know you have taken your friendship to another level when you really piss them off. Getting mad at your friend or acquaintance because they offended you, asked the wrong/right question is really a reflection of how much you value and respect their opinion, I think. Don’t misunderstand me, it’s not a universal rule and only applies to in some circumstances, hear me out. I’m a strong believer in not worrying about what someone else thinks because what I think counts the most, but at the same time I cherish my friendships and love to find the beauty in people (not on people), I’m social.

I recently witnessed my husband get into a debate/argument with a close friend of his because he asked the “wrong” question. The argument felt like it went on forever, but I don’t really have a grasp of the number of minutes that was spent on it. These two people sincerely value each other’s opinions. In the end, they made up and rationally discussed the topic coming from different perspectives, with even a higher amount of respect for each other. While men make up much more quickly than women, it’s worth discovering the kind of company you wish to keep. Not to sound derogatory, but men are like dogs in the sense that they can be fighting one minute and playing the next, sometimes I wish women shared the same characteristic.

Perry and Stacy

My husband and I had a pretty severe argument the other day, we attempted to talk about it but when I felt that it was getting worse I made some space and left the room, to be clear, I didn’t walk out on it, just made the space that I sensed we both needed. I went in the other room and started to cry, not because of the argument but because I have such an enormous amount of love and respect for him that it hurts equally as much when we are at odds regardless of whom is “right”. When he asked me why I was crying, I gave him an elementary response, because I was sad that we were fighting. A couple of deep breaths, hugs and you know what? Later, all was right with the world again. Even after eleven years of marriage we have grown closer again and our love for each other is stronger.

Surround yourself with people that spark emotion in you, even the bad ones, because exploring the why can teach you a lot about yourself (if you’re honest) and can strengthen your relationships.

So, don’t waste your time hanging around people of which you have no sentiment toward.


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