Russian Meddling

Blockbuster-The True Cause of Russian Meddling

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So I noticed in the news this week a report that a Russian fighter jet flew within 20 feet of a US fighter jet flying in international airspace somewhere over the Black Sea. To most this blatant and flagrant disregard for aviation protocol and general safety is alarming and proof of a growing dissonance between the US and Russia. I, however, see this as just one more piece of undeniable proof that the Russians military complex has fallen further behind. Why do you ask? Well, it’s simple really; Maverick and Goose performed that same maneuver over 30 years ago at a much closer range and while inverted nonetheless. It’s true, Goose has the Polaroid. And with all this talk of hacking and cyberwarfare, its old news, I mean come on; we already staved off Global Thermonuclear War thanks to the cyber genius of young David Lightman and Dr. Falkner.


Hmmm, I might just have a theory.

Russian Meddling

With the combination of easily accessible broadband internet and America’s ever growing desire for instant gratification, leading to the advent of streaming giants like Netflix and Hulu, the once ubiquitous Blockbuster Video went bankrupt in 2010. However, at its height, Blockbuster had some 9,000 stores nationwide which means that at one time there were upwards of 30,000 copies of Top Gun on their shelves across America. So where did they go? I’m sure creditors had to be paid and I bet dollars to donuts some enterprising young, soon to be unemployed, Blockbuster executive pitched the idea of selling every DVD lock, stock, and barrel to the highest bidder. They may have pitched China first but I’m guessing they waved off seeing as how they already had plenty of pirated copies of everything. But the Russians… Yessss, those Russian mobsters likely saw this as an opportunity to make some serious rubles and of course it was WAY before servers could be hacked. Next thing you know, there’s thousands of copies of Hunt for Red October and No Way Out flooding the streets of Moscow.

Young Russians likely watched these Hollywood productions over and over and while initially enjoying them for their astute dialog and snazzy American fashion sense eventually grew disapproving of the plot lines that inevitably resulted in the US winning the day, every day. In time, these same young Russians grew up and joined the Russian military and next thing you know, Sergei (The Hammer) and his handsome copilot Gray Goose are tooling along over the Black Sea and out of the blue they see their one chance to finally win back a tiny bit of their dignity. I wonder if they snapped a Polaroid? (FYI Polaroid is a thing again) Who knows what crazy things we might be seeing in the coming years? All I can say is I hope Blockbuster saw fit to burn all those Red Dawn DVDs. But who knows, we might just get to witness Putin parachuting into Omaha and President Trump yelling out “Wolverines” from the rose garden.

Russian Meddling

With all the Fake News being tossed about by the Main Stream Media I figured I’d put this out there just to see if CNN might pick it up.


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