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Grown Ups or a Cafeteria Food Fight?

My oldest daughter (9 years of age) is in the 4th grade, like most 9 year olds, and like nearly every child on the planet experiences the trials and tribulations of childhood.  We all know what this entails; a bunch of name calling, some bullying (unfortunately) and various other poor sundry acts.  That’s part of growing up and going through this thing we call life and unless we achieve a higher level of conscientiousness I personally don’t see it going away.  Hey, that’s okay as we have policies and procedures and for the most part responsible parents, teachers and caregivers to guide our little ones correctly through these times of development.  So it is OK, just par for the course and things usually work out just fine. Kids are really receptive to this mature way of life: i.e. no name calling, or other unpleasant acts, and definitely no bullying.


So what happens when we get older?  Usually, I would hope that we mature even further and help others when we can.  This seems not to be the case with politicians though, at least for the most part it appears.  But honestly, at any given time I expect to turn on the news and see a Congressional session, House or the Senate, with both sides throwing out all the 4th grade playground classics…”nanny-nanny, boo-boo” or the ever popular “I know you are, but what am I”.  Actually, I think that’s exactly what they’re saying, but with a bunch of bloated, long-winded, lawyerly terms.

Academic-US Politics

Maybe the Cafeteria Food Fight is a better suited analogy, you know throwing food from one side (of the aisle) to the other.

This is what “they” think it looks like:


But this is closer to reality and not nearly as funny:


I find this whole matter rather sad and pathetic…our country’s lawmakers acting worse than a bunch of 4th graders.

To add insult to injury it appears quite a few of these lawmakers are not going to attend the Presidential Inauguration.  Hey, I get it!  They’re upset because their candidate didn’t win.  Trust me, as a retired naval officer and business man I was none too happy with this past Administration, but I still respect the Flag, the Country, and the Office of President.  That’s what it means to be a true American Patriot…showing respect for what this country stands for.

I personally find it highly insulting that they would even consider not attending for what appears strictly partisan political reasons.  Disgusting.  They are all elected officials and their salaries, nice ones at that, are paid by tax paying citizens…like me.  To not attend what is the most important ceremony in this nation  is UNACCEPTABLE.  Attendance should be mandatory.

Imagine if a sailor, soldier, marine, or airmen decided that they weren’t going to show up to a change of command just because they didn’t like the incoming leadership.  Their ass would be up the creek so fast and rightly so.  There’s no place in the military for disrespect, but apparently for our country’s political types it has become common place.  What the hell is happening?  But hey, on a more positive note I would gladly take one of their seats and put on my old uniform to do so in a show of respect to the country and our lawful electoral process.  Much better view.

I could go on and on, but let me close this out by mentioning the bullying that’s been going on against certain voters…and we know who they are.

My 9 year old daughter was recently bullied in school by a boy, I know this as I received the phone call from the principal.  My girl handled it pretty well and was even outnumbered, as we all know bullies need support, but it was a very unpleasant moment to say the least.  That said, as parents we expect these sorts of things with children, though we wish it weren’t the case, but to see these actions from “adults”…really?  Grow up!

So how did I handle the situation with my daughter?  Simple, I told her to, “do what you have to do against all forms of bullying, fight back and fight back hard”.  She may not win, but perhaps she might, as she is one of the bigger kids, but if she doesn’t and keeps fighting back because it’s the ONLY way to truly neutralize a bully. Eventually she will succeed either by beating the bullies ass out right or just the fact that her will to fight back is indefatigable.  Of course the bully got in big trouble(I think), but it usually takes a good whupping…though not always, but usually!  Regardless, I have her back should it happen again and she ends up taking the little punk down.

Christmas Story_Bully

Sometimes I just can’t believe the crap I see on TV and for our elected leaders, and I use that term very loosely, to act as they do ALL THE TIME is not very encouraging.  You would think they are hell bent on breaking this country right in half.  It sure seems that way.  Though, if history is any indicator you would think for a moment, they would consider their actions, or inactions as in the recent case, as when a country becomes so irreversibly divided the leaders during that time do not fare well.

So one would think it common sense (and good karma if you believe in such) to conduct oneself better than the average 4th grader, but apparently the adage that there’s nothing common about common sense holds true.

Peace Out Patriots!

P.S. – I almost forgot. I will be attending some of the events this Thursday and Friday and I will be proudly wearing my Dinner Dress Uniform to one event.

Uniform-Perry Sasnett

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