Re-post Zero Point, Incorporated-Est. 2006

Re-Post from Zero Point, Incorporated 

10 Years in business and still going. Here’s how it all got started.

by Perry Sasnett, Founder & CEO of Zero Point Incorporated

As the founder of Zero Point, I had considered starting a business some years before my retirement from the US Navy.  To say that I had the entrepreneurial spirit and the cajones to do just that would be a bit of an understatement.  Anyway, here’s how it all began.

Before we get too far along I should just say that I think everyone should try and start some sort of business or business venture as there’s tons to learn about: people to include friends and family, the world and more importantly yourself.  Now there’s a right way to go about it and then there’s the way that I did it…the less than recommended method.  In all fairness, from here on out we can just include my wife Stacy as it’s quite possible that Zero Point would not have happened, at least when it did, if not for her support and encouragement.

When the decision to start the business, actually start doing something that is business-like, was made our family had a lot going on and nothing at all.  Let me explain.  By a lot I mean, I was just transitioning out of 20 years of naval service, putting together a business plan (recommended), re-doing our condo duplex, building-out the business office and there was one other thing…hmmm, what was it?  Oh yeah, I remember, my wife was pregnant with our first daughter, Addison.  This is all within a few month’s timeline so that’s what I mean by having a lot going on.  Stress levels were high to say the least, but there was a confidence to succeed that remained all the way through.  As for nothing at all?  Well, that is how much business was coming in the door, nothing…at…all!  Just money going out.  We had a new 4,500 sq. ft. building and the build-out, product development, some travel, Addison’s nursery, home improvements, etc., etc., etc..

It was during this time that we ate tons of rice and broccoli (just now able to eat it again), collected every lunch & dinner coupon we could, got VERY creative with our finances, sold all our toys (Porsche and BMW motorcycle), had several yard sales and I did some “squirrelly” debt juggling; like trading in a vehicle that had more value than what was left on the loan and leased a new vehicle from the deal.  But hey, we paid all the bills that month.  I should mention that we did submit and were approved for a small business loan, but it was taking forever to get the funds to us.  That alone nearly sank us.  But it didn’t!

What was Zero Point going to be about?

As with any new business or product you have to have an idea and just as importantly you to have a market for your idea.  Well, I had plenty of ideas and knew a particular market rather well, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) from which I had 18 years of experience in.  Because of my unique background in EOD and the experiences and opportunities that were provided to me and the fact that I was really an “Idea Guy” I was able to jump start the business.  In fact, the “Good Idea Fairy” is always pooping on my head, 24/7/365.  They may not all be good ideas, but they’re coming regardless.  So, I took an idea or two from the Idea Fairy and my military background and incorporated Zero Point a few months prior to my actual retirement day based almost exclusively on bomb disposal: Products, Training, and Consulting Services.  Stacy and I haven’t looked back.

I do not have many pics from the early years as that was before the iPhone and there wasn’t really much to take pics of anyway; me sitting at a picnic table by myself for the first year waiting for the only phone to ring and when not doing that I was painting the walls.  The one picture that I do have is by far my fav.  The picture not only makes me smile every time I see it, but it really sums up what the whole period represents.


1st daughter, Addison, during the first year of business


Follow along over the next few weeks, if you’re curious, and read about the trials, tribulations, successes, milestones of Zero Point while meeting some of the people that have helped make what we do possible.  Right up to Zero Point’s 10 Anniversary day, 21 November 2016.


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