Perry and Stacy

Not Running the NYC Marathon in 2016



Still Committed to Accomplishing Our 1st Time Goals

“We set out on the journey together and we are staying on it together”.

Sadly my husband has been diagnosed with a fibula stress fracture and cannot run the NYC marathon this year. He maintained such a positive approach to the training program and substituting alternative cardio while working with professionals to determine what caused the pain in his leg, I had no concerns that he would not be able to run. Running our first marathon together in NYC, our beloved NYC is not happening in 2016. So it kind of hit me like a brick wall because in my heart of hearts I knew that I would not be running it without him. I too have had my aches and pains that have made the last 13 weeks challenging, yet satisfying, but I stayed on track, kept my eye on the goal and was determined. So accepting that it wasn’t going to happen was hard. It was really hard, but what would have been harder is running it without my bff. We set on this journey together and I feel we should stay on it together. He would no doubt support me if I chose to run without him, but it wouldn’t be worth it with the heavily weighted guilt I would carry with me.

There are some important factors I need share about my decision.

The first one is our commitment and support for each other. The time, energy and logistics involved with both of us training at the same time can be a little tricky with two small children, but at the same time it says a lot about how we operate as a unit. We make it happen and we do it well! I love sharing articles, new routes and medical advice with each other, our interest is very parallel on the subject. Running can be very challenging and while we may be challenged for different reasons, we can easily empathize with each other.

The second factor is his continued motivation. I can safely say that if he had entirely given up weeks ago and laid on the couch moping, I would be running in NYC this year. But that’s not the case, he has researched, been to countless appointments with chiropractors, physical therapists, orthopedic doctors, etc. He took up swimming and biking and has gotten very creative with ways to strengthen himself. This reason alone is very important to me, his want to succeed in this race is great, almost as much as mine. If I were injured and could not run, I guarantee I would not handle it as well as he has. Watching him has taught me that sometimes alternatives are necessary and most likely temporary, keeping a good attitude about it will make everything much better (as with most things).

The third reason is a little hokey, but I’m gonna own it. He is 12 years my senior, he often reminds me how much he has seen and done which makes for very little “first times” we get to do together. I can name very few, but they are the BIG ones: having kids, starting a business and some I’m not privy to talk about 😉 Running a marathon has been on my bucket list much longer than his, but doing it together in the city he proposed is pretty fishing cool!

Surprisingly I’ve caught some flak from friends, kind of bummed me out, but I stand by my decision and feel valid and proud of it.

Now for the good news! November 6, 2016 will still be a great day for us! We will cheer on our dear friends whom are healthy and ready to take on 26.2 miles of NYC! And we’ll say “cheers’ multiple times during our visit.


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Even better news! We will both accomplish first time goals and reward and celebrate each other on November 3, 2016. I have committed to saying on the Hanson Marathon Method and run just short of 26.2 (I’m saving the whole thing for next year) He will bike 100K Woo-wa! I’m super excited!

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