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I am many things: a mom, a wife, a sister, a best friend, a lover, a runner, a boss, a daughter etc.; but this blog is about the later, a daughter.

I have a pretty awesome mom and I’m certain I don’t tell her enough. I know I show her in some ways, but probably not enough. This is me showing her and telling her how much I appreciate and love her.

A couple of weeks ago I took ownership of #Iamgrit, this particular personality trait is no doubt due to my mom. She is strong, stubborn and determined! She raised me and my sister while working two jobs and putting herself through school (again). My dad’s contribution to our upbringing came from across the United States so it was my mom that got the privilege of the daily interaction of pubescent, pathological, schizophrenic, teenage girls. She did the best she could every day and met every challenge we threw at her armed like a soldier.

My mom has been at every important event in my life; graduations, ½ marathons, weddings, funerals, the days I became a mom and she has supported the journeys that lead me to those occasions. The NYC marathon is no different, she has supported my desire to run a marathon from the moment it made it on my bucket list, when I registered for the race and 15 weeks ago when I started training. She has come to my rescue when my husband was out of town and school was cancelled, she has brought me pounds of Epsom salts and has made it conceivable for us to make the trip to NYC.

stacy mom and daughters

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She has made it possible for my husband and I to date like new couples and travel like adults, she has cared for my children as she has cared for me. That’s a really big deal! I have always bought into the philosophy that you have to take for yourself and prioritize your relationship when you have children, to some it may seem selfish but I feel that doing so teaches your children how to be in a positive relationship as well maintain a required level of self-respect. My mom has supported my thought process in so many ways and I’m so thankful for it!

I tell her I love her every time I talk to her, I don’t talk to her every day, but I love her every day.

Sasnett Family

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