Stacy Says Hansons Marathon Method Weight Gain-800

I Cannot Gain One More Pound!


Hansons Marathon Method-Mixing it Up with Calisthenics and Strength Training

Stacy Says Hansons Marathon Method Weight Gain-400

One would think that running 50-ish miles a week for nine weeks would make the number on the scale go down! Not fishing up!

Before the Hansons Marathon Method program, I had a pretty balanced exercise regimen. I ran 20-ish miles a week, lots of calisthenics and time on the hardest level Bowflex had to offer. I worked out everyday until I felt like taking a break, which was rare, every nine days or so. My days are not complete without a good sweat session. When I committed to the program, I stopped doing all the other stuff and just ran, ran, and ran some more. So why the fish am I gaining weight? I’ve increased my carb intake slightly, but there has not been a drastic change to my diet otherwise. I’m averaging about a pound per week.

I’ve discovered that my body type does not respond to running alone. While having to take it easy on my ankle, I embraced the rowing machine and calisthenics once again and found that my body acknowledged it positively. I’m approaching 40 fast, which makes strength training more valuable. I typically don’t lift weights, while I do find it enjoyable, I have a tendency to bulk up beyond my comfort zone so I find fun challenging ways to use my own body weight. On easy run days, I stop and do 10-15 push-ups every mile, makes the legs feel a little lighter 😉 I’m counting on the 8-10min of planks 4 days a week to deflate my basketball belly and bring the tone back to my arms. I’m gonna incorporate weighted squats, walking lunges while keeping up my daily forearm stands and will work up to a hand stand and I’m determined that this will make the scale much nicer to me.

I think the human body is pretty amazing and watching and feeling it react to different treatment is pretty cool. The results may not be expected or welcomed, but I know I can change things up and my body will react, I am in control.

I cannot/ will not gain another pound!


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