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Week 8 Marathon Training-Doctor Visit!? Check.


Countdown until #TeamStacy is back on the Run.

I had an awesome experience with my new (one and only) podiatrist!

I have never had great relationships with doctors throughout life even after years of loyalty on my part, now that I mention it, maybe that was the problem, should have switched it up! In any case, I was primed with my delivery and was not going to settle for anything less than a doctor who was on #TEAMSTACY, even if I had to go through fishing 5 docs.

I was referred to one doc from a friend, but I couldn’t get an appointment until October; none starter. I found another practice via Google search and picked it because I was 90% sure I knew the doc and his wife prior to parenthood, i.e. from a particular bar scene and it had availability in two days time.

I got to my appointment right on time and was seen pretty quickly (which I find never fishing happens!) The PA ran down the usual list of questions: Previous injuries? Nope. Diabetic history? Nope. Alcohol intake? 2-ish a day. You know the drill. It became apparent pretty quickly he was in training “Oh great I got the new guy”, he totally flubbed the x-ray portion of my visit. I shared his embarrassment and he appreciated my comical response to his obvious need of more studying.

In no time at all, the doc arrived and I greeted him with a hug, the light pat on the back, the kind you give an acquaintance you haven’t seen in ten years. We caught up pretty quickly and jumped right into my ankle issue. I made it pretty clear that not running was NOT an option and I must have been very charming and convincing. He thoroughly checked my ankle out and diagnosed me with an irritated tibial ligament.

Tibial Nerve Week 8 Hansons Marathon Method

The cliff notes of the conversation went a little like this:

Doc: “my suggestion is an oral NSAID, strong anti-inflammatory and, come back in a week.

Me: “I’m using the Hanson Marathon method, I just wrapped up week 7 out of 18.

Doc: “We can try cortisone in a week if it’s not feeling better”

Me: “I’m running 50-ish miles a week and it’s not going to get any less”

Doc: “We can do both cortisone and NSAID today and ice as much as possible”

Me: “How long until I can run again?”

Doc: “ 3 days”

Me: “Yeeeessssss!” I may have even left out a little fist pump.

I finally found a doctor that really understands me and is willing to work with me to achieve my goals. I did not escape without his concerns with this particular nerve and the long term damage effects, which I completely appreciate and agreed to return every two weeks. Next time he asked me to bring my shoes and I proudly responded, “I’ll bring all four pairs”.

I left my appointment in the best mood I’ve been in all week! Just ask my husband

Stacy and daughters

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© Stacy Sasnett

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