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Pain Tolerance High, Patience Not So Much

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I wrapped up week seven most disappointed since starting the program. My ankle has not gotten any better; slightly worse, just enough to get real and give it a fishing break. I do not idle well…ever, but definitely not when I’m focused and determined. In my mind, not running is NOT an option. My pace has suffered severely and while I am putting one foot in front of the other, I am unable to enjoy the cool morning air, watching the sunrise, the satisfaction of completing another run successfully because truth be told I’m not sure that it qualified as successful; I’m too distracted by the discomfort in my ankle. I think my tolerance is pretty high in the pain department, but not in the patience department so I find myself easily annoyed and frustrated after another week of sub-par runs. I was so skeptical about finishing the 14 miler on Sunday that I had anxiety about getting too far away from home, I don’t carry a phone. I had the first shift and Perry had the second, we had to start extra early because we both had long runs.

Stacy Sasnett Marathon Running

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I rose at 4am and hit the street at 5am thinking of “Chris Rock: Never Scared” 4AM ON A SUNDAY MORNING! – insert Chris Rock’s voice here. “Janet lost her damn mind, whipping out a titty on a Sunday afternoon! …What the fish is wrong with this girl, whipping out a titty on Sunday afternoon!”  For a moment I felt I had lost my damn mind running at 5am on a Sunday morning with a bum ankle. I started down my normal path to exit the neighborhood and the anxiety wouldn’t let me cross the street so I turned around and ran up and down the same mile for eight miles, definitely lost my damn mind, until I felt confident enough to embrace the 14 miles and cross the street. The route was obviously boring and I was constantly thinking about my ankle, again boring and my pace was ridiculously slow averaging 10:40, did I say boring yet? Lost my damn mind!


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I managed to pack the perfect amount of GU’s, gummies and H2O so I had no GI distress, which is something I often deal with. But I really have to wonder if it’s because I was going so slow…. Not sure, the jury is still out. My legs feel strong, though my right was a little more soar due to compensating for my left.

I’m happy to report that I have gotten pissed off enough to make an appointment with a podiatrist. I found my fury in missing two runs on the program. I luckily found one that can get me in pretty quick. MTF.

Stacy Sasnett Running Injur

© Stacy Sasnett

I leave you with “Close the door! Close the door!”

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