Stacy 12 Mile Run-Hansons Marathon Method

Hansons Marathon Method-Sunday’s Easy 12 Miles


Gear. The Most Challenging Part of a Run.

Stacy 12 Mile Run-Hansons Marathon Method

© Stacy Sasnett

I prepped everything just right. I ate pasta for dinner and consumed 120 ounces of hydration the day before my 12 miles. I ate my perfect piece of toast with the slightest amount of peanut butter and honey for breakfast exactly 1 hour before my feet hit the pavement. I packed 6 gummies, 2 GUs and 20 oz of Gatorade and H2O combined. I planned my route strategically, picked my gear specifically, had my Epson salt bath and chocolate milk ready and waiting for my return. My run was so fishing frustrating!! I wonder, did I try too hard?

The most challenging part of the run was the gear. I wore a belt for the first time in my life. It held what I thought I needed. I made it 2.5 miles down the road and hid it in a bush because I couldn’t take it anymore. It wouldn’t stay in place, the two 10 oz bottles jumped up and down on my derriere like it was their job. Granted, momma’s got back, but I could have done without the dance party. I tightened it, I loosened it, I moved it up, I moved it down, it was a constant adjustment. I don’t mean like every block, I mean every light pole I was trying to get this thing to work with me. I removed one of the bottles, 1 GU & the 6 gummies from the belt to get me through the next 6 miles before I came back to this spot. I shoved them in my bra, my shorts, anywhere they would stay put.

Halleluiah! My stride lengthened, my pace increased, I was feeling good! My route was a real simple straight 6 miles out and turn around 6 miles back. I left at 630 am which I quickly realized was not early enough and have decided that until the summer months are officially over I will hit the street NLT 6am for every long run. I skipped the visor because I was under some strange misconception that I wouldn’t be in the sun. Wrong!

 My Ipod is trying to wave the white flag from the very start of the run. It would automatically increase the volume on every song that started so I was constantly turning it down, brought me to cussing out loud every 3 to 4 minutes; I probably looked like I had turrets. And then the static came at about mile 8 and never left. It’s only 14 months old and I’m so disappointed in it’s performance. Come on Apple!

 Another first in my life, GU, I struggled to get it down like my 5-year-old eating grapes (yes, grapes) with the dramatic gag reflex and all, but I knew the consequences of not getting it in me would be much worse. I ate my gummies, washed down the 10 oz. I had on me and felt solid. I picked the belt up on my return and tried to put it on again being lighter, this time, I had hoped it would be ok, NOPE. I carried the fishing thing home the last 2.5 miles highly annoyed. I didn’t get to my second GU because my hands were full and I didn’t want to stop.

I got home, drank my milk, soaked in my bath and went to the beach where I sat for as long as the girls would let me.

Stacy Sasnett Hansons Marathon Method

© Stacy Sasnett

No, I didn’t try too hard, but I did learn a few things:

  1. Do not try new gear on a long run
  2. Don’t leave later than 6am in August
  3. Always wear a visor
Stacy 12 Mile-Run Hansons Marathon Method

© Stacy Sasnett

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