Stacy Interval Training

Interval Training-Hesitant but Hopeful


Hard, Awesome, but Hurt so Good!

Stacy Interval TrainingI set into my second interval training today hesitant but hopeful. I completely nailed last weeks and was fearful that I would not reap the same reward of feeling like a badass (because I did, regardless of what I looked like).

Previous to this program I have only played with some sprints between light poles and multiple mailboxes but nothing formal. So when I defined 12×400/400 I was no doubt intimidated, sprint for .25 miles and then jog for .25 miles 12 times = 6miles not to mention the warm up and cool down miles, are you fishing kidding me? It was so hard and so awesome! It hurt so good! It was a great way to start the first day of my 39th year.

Interval Training Pic 1

Today was 6×800/400, again hard, but I did it unscathed!

Interval Training Pic 2


Tomorrow is my day off and I’m looking forward to sleeping past 5am. Keeping the confidence and focus strong in week 3!

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