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While Police Are Saving Your Ass, Who’s Looking After Them? Short Answer…No One.

Dallas PD

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The largest attack on a police force since 9/11 yesterday.  Largest mass shooting in Orlando, FL last month.  Increasing frequency of shootings and/or bombings attacks throughout the Nation.  The crime rate has increased in major cities, etc., etc., etc..  Why?  No leadership, probably.  Political agendas, chances are.  Lack of support for law enforcement, absolutely.  What’s going to happen when men and women no longer volunteer to protect and serve? Anarchy.  It seems that some are earnestly striving for that.  If so, imagine your helplessness if you were no longer authorized to possess firearms.  Scary.

“A house divided against itself cannot stand”-Abraham Lincoln


Dallas PD Demonstration

Source: Twitter

Now I’m not a conspiracy theorist by any means, but I do consider myself a realist.  Having defused bombs for a living one has to be.  There are way too many indicators to ignore.  Increasing attacks on cops, increasing city violence, increasing racial and political divide, increasing terror worldwide, decreasing US presence worldwide, decreasing support for law enforcement and the law and on and on and on.

We need to stop the ridiculous, dangerous rhetoric and that needs to happen from the very top.  I personally have the utmost respect for all aspects of law enforcement and my hat goes off to them every time they walk out that door in the morning or evening to go to work.  Not to mention their families that wonder if their loved ones will return home.  Such incredible dedication!

So sad.

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