The Keys to Closing Perry Sasnett

The Keys to Closing

Just as Alec Baldwin said in Glengarry Glen Ross, “Put that coffee down, coffee is for closers only!” and well, it’s kind of true. You cannot expect to reap the benefits of hard work or grow your business if you are not constantly closing or hanging out chatting it up at the watercooler. Throughout the entire sales process closing is the most important step and it is necessary for your company’s viability. Once you close a deal, the sales processes doesn’t end there. There are hundreds of techniques that have been proven effective, finding what method works best for your company may take some trial and error. Most often, implementing a combination of techniques will help you reach your goals. If you are struggling with getting the commitment you need from your clients to keep your business afloat, put that coffee down and let’s get back to the basics with some fundamental keys to closing a sale.

Glengarry Glen Ross

Let’s face it, everyone has a headache, even you. In a perfect world everything would go our way and we would remain in a perpetual state of euphoria, unfortunately that is not the case. Poorly made products, bad customer service, and lack of communication are just a few things that add to the growing irritation that consumers have with businesses. Our guess is the folks that contracted a nasty bacteria over at Chipotle are more than slightly annoyed, who needs a headache when you can get e. coli? Word on the street is this outbreak is over, but pretty sure those poor souls won’t be ponying up any cash for lunch at this establishment anytime soon.

In a highly-saturated marketplace where advertisements are being shoved in the faces of your prospects at every corner (shout out to the Liberty Tax sign-spinners), popping up inside their favorite apps, and poking in on their social media, consumers demand to have their headaches soothed and their needs met on their own terms. While a client’s decision making may not always be convenient for your bottom line, it is important to listen to what exactly they are saying.

Keys to closing a sale

Kissmetrics states that “nurturing relationships with your customers is crucial” when it comes to building a successful business.  One of the most important keys to closing a sale is relationship. You should always be working to build a rapport with your customers, allowing them to feel like they are more than just a check in the bank. Find common ground and build with your clients. This type of relationship may be mutually beneficial and can be nurtured for years to come.

Anticipate your customer’s headaches. In order to meet your customer’s needs, you must gain a deep understanding about what makes them tick. Where are their current needs not being met, and what solutions can you offer? Harvesting this vital information requires not an obnoxious sales pitch, but effective communication skills. Listen. Learn. Process. Once you have identified your customer’s pain, you can communicate an appropriate solution.

Fact, a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. If you have put weeks or months into creating opportunities are you just going to stand back and watch them fall through the cracks? Of course not! You are a closer and as of today, you will ask for each and every sale, yes ask. Sales is not for the bashful but even the most seasoned pros have had to develop their skillset. When you approach the stage in the sales cycle when it is time to ask for the sale, do it and do it with confidence. Why? Because you are confident in your brand promise; frankly your products are the best in town.

Follow Up! Clients do not like to be forgotten once a sale has closed so keep in touch. Whether it is a phone call, an email, or a postcard, the sale doesn’t end when an item is shipped, delivered, and paid in full. One of the most coveted keys to closing a sale is consistent follow up; repeat business opportunities depend on it.

Create opportunities constantly. Congratulations! You just closed your first sale and are the envy of your entire sales team and your manager’s favorite protégé…today. Good for you, but what about the next quarter? Is there anything in your pipeline? If not, it’s very possible that you’ve spent too much time at happy hour bragging about that million dollar deal you just closed. Maintain a healthy pipeline, know the status of your opportunities, allocate time for prospecting and always stay closing.

If these Girl Scouts can do it, so can you. Check out this video for some inspiration!

How to Sell Girl Scout Cookies You Tube Video


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