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Denmark-based Company Creates Charger That Can Be Used Anywhere

Have you ever noticed that your smartphone battery seems to die when you need it the most? The dead battery syndrome always happens in those emergency situations too, like when you are traveling out of town and your car ends up broken down along the side of some tree-lined, two-lane road with no human in sight. The dying cell phone battery can also be a buzzkill when you are trying to use Google Maps to find an address that your car GPS cannot pickup because you are in the middle of nowhere and made a wrong turn. Remember the days when you could walk to a 7-11 and make an emergency phone call from a payphone? Remember the days when you could knock on someone’s door and ask for help with your stranded vehicle without the risk of being shot? Well, since those ships have long sailed, our reliance on smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices requires that they at least work when we need them to.

Could you imagine being the potential victim of a crime and not being able to call for help because your cell phone battery is dead? Ever taken your mobile phone on the go and found yourself out of luck when looking for a place to charge it up?  Really, how many people are giving away free electricity these days? Well, the founders of InfinityPV might be on to something with their latest development in cool tech, the HeLi-on Compact Solar Charger.

Infinity PV HeLi-on Charger: What Does it Do?

HeLi-on_Cool_Tech_Perry_SasnettThe HeLi-on is a battery power bank and solar charger. The HeLi-on has a roll-out solar panel that enables users to charge devices such as smartphones whenever they are on the go. This cool tech product developed by InfinityPV is small enough to fit inside of your pocket and includes both a solar panel and battery so it is capable of creating and also storing energy. Devices can be charged by unrolling the solar panel and absorbing energy directly from the sunlight or by using the external battery when there is no light and the charger is compatible with those devices that require a USB connection including: smartphones, cameras, flashlights, and portable gaming systems. According to InfinityPV’s Kickstarter Page, this HeLi-on is able to “charge your smartphone in 2-3 hours, whenever and wherever you need”.

Check out this video on the HeLi-on by InfinityPV

The technology inside HeLi-on

It’s amazing how quickly tech is changing and improving and I like to keep my eye on anything that can cleanly harvest energy from naturally occurring sources…you know, like the Sun.

Inside HeLi-on you find polymer solar cells produces by InfinityPV. Polymer solar cells are part of the third generation of solar cells, also referred to as organic solar cells. The light absorbing active material is carbon based, and the entire solar cell is made with renewable and non-toxic materials. The solar cells are printed directly on thin plastic foil using optimized printing machines.

The HeLi-on has some great potential, especially for people who cannot detach from their mobile devices. Rolling out the solar panel may not be the most convenient or stylish in some cases but, would certainly be helpful when outdoors camping or at the beach if you are lucky enough to catch signal. Although most vehicles are now designed with built-in USB charging capabilities, for those that are still kicking around in throwback whips, the solar panel just might come in handy as long as it can be placed securely in the vehicle, you wouldn’t want a windy ride with the top down to blow it away! A 2-3 hour charging time might be a little frustrating in an emergency situation but if you have some time to kill, the wait just may be worth it. In fact, several supporters seem to agree.  Though I do really like this clever piece of tech I’m not so sure how convenient it is for EDC and especially guys…at least the ones that do not carry a “murse”.  However, given the importance we all put on our smart devices and just how important they can be in an emergency I would absolutely have one of these in my “Go Bag”.  And I think after they mature this tech there will be some very nice improvements in the future, such as; a reel handle that allows for faster solar panel storage (versus the current thumb wheel) and which also collapses to cover the USB port.  Just a very small improvement of a few that may or may not make it better.

The HeLi-on’s latest campaign has been fully funded! Looking forward to tracking the evolution of this cool tech product.

Find out more about the InfinityPV HeLi-on Solar Charger by visiting the company’s Kickstarter Page.

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