DRT Down Range Tool Perry Sasnett Kickstarter

Coming Soon-The DRT

DRT Down Range Tool Perry Sasnett Kickstarter

DRT Down Range Tool ©Perry Sasnett

Crowdfunding the next wave in single billet multi-tools-1 Tool over 40 Features

Hello fellow outdoor adventurers, survivalists, military brothers and sisters in arms, first responders, and gear enthusiasts. I am excited to announce the unveiling of my latest product innovation, the DRT the next phase in multi-tools. Imagine a multi-functional tool so small, yet fully loaded with everything you need to get the job done? The compact DRT introduces over 40 different applications and best of all, it is small enough to fit virtually anywhere, comfortably. You’ll be able to take this rugged multi-tool on the go, use it at home, take it to work, or carry it into the field. The DRT can conveniently be stored on a key-chain, can kept in the car, worn on body armor or included with your EDC.

Need to clean some weapons? Not a problem, this little guy packs a big punch with over 8 different weapon cleaning applications. The DRT offers users 2-times as many tools as nearly anything that you might find out there and with more unique features.

Whether you’re conducting demolition, breaking glass, or popping open a couple of cans over at the campsite, the DRT literally does it all. Pry, measure, tighten, store, and the list goes on. I’ve been busy perfecting this amazing tool just for you and my engineering team has turned it into reality, but we still have a ways to go in order to complete our mission and need your support to make it happen!

I will be unveiling the DRT early next month on Kickstarter as I need your support to get the word out about this awesome piece of kit.  Keep an eye out for more news on the official launch of our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to see the DRT and stay tuned as I have an extra surprise in store.

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