Triton Artificial Gills

Cool Tech: Triton-World’s First Artificial Gills

Perry Sasnett Dive School Graduation Class

©2016 Perry Sasnett
Perry Sasnett Graduating Navy Dive School, 1990 (third from left)

As a retired US Navy Diver qualified in hard hat, underwater ordnance disposal and combat diving I naturally have an eye open for new and exciting tech.  Born a water baby in Florida, I’ve always been comfortable in the water, both under and on top.  Though my diving days are pretty much behind me for the most part whether it be from tired ears that have difficulty valsalving or the fact that the water where I live is a bit brackish and boring, but mostly because of my last duty assignment where combat diving was the only form of military diving.

Perry Sasnett Diving 1993 USS independence

©2016 Perry Sasnett
Perry Sasnett Diving USS Independence 1993 (oops, my tending line came “untended”

One of my first jobs was as a diver at the Gulfarium in Fort Walton Beach, Florida showing unique and exotic albeit hungry sea critters.  After successfully completely the US Navy Second Class Dive School and Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal my diving duties included everything from conducting mining diving exercises off the coast of Korea, some diving in the Philippines, Diego Garcia, both coasts of the United States, Persian Gulf, diving on the USS Arizona Memorial, working with dolphins in Hawaii, and various combat diving training evolutions to include diving in Baltimore Harbor…yuk!  Point being, I know a little bit about diving.  At least enough to comment on dive tech, I feel anyway.

Now it’s not very often that something comes along that’s both unique AND affordable.  Normally what you see is a new knife design or a new type of wetsuit tech or some fancy fin that proclaims to propel you throw the water like a hot knife through butter.  The flip side of that coin is tech so high end that only rich & famous can afford it; like some snazzy rebreather or a custom one atmosphere suit that promises to take you to the abyss where the underwater aliens live and back.  Now here comes some dive tech that is both truly unique and James Bond-ish that most can afford…if it works as advertised.



Perry Sasnett Navy Diver 1993

©2016 Perry Sasnett
Perry Sasnett Diving USS Arizona in preparation for President Clinton’s 1993 visit (Photo by: Perry, Diver is Todd Ping)

Enter the Triton, World’s First Artificial GillsI’m familiar with hollow fiber tubes as the medical and water purification industry uses similar tech, but never thought to apply it toward this application.  Darn it!  Now looking at it from afar it seems reasonable enough, but as a former Navy Diver I have a few questions.  Why only 15’ max depth?  Is it because of the pressure beyond one atmosphere?  What percentage of oxygen is getting into the human body?  As you sit or stand and read this your body is taking in approximately 20% and some small change of O2.  The amount of O2 in the body at depth is critical.  Those are just a few questions that come to mind, but important none the less.  They are related to each other and drive capability.  But hey, regardless, it sounds cool and I’ve got to have one.  Especially as I enjoy snorkeling more so than diving these days and hey, what if your car is suddenly caught up in a flash flood or you swerve to miss Bambi and wind up in a lake or river? How handy would this be?

Anyhoo, I’ve committed to getting one by way of Indiegogo.  I’ll let you know how well it performs after my Clandestine Op on Lady Gaga’s yacht, assuming she has a yacht.  At the very least maybe I can find my friend’s Go Pro at the beach this year when he loses it in the surf zone.

Check out the Indiegogo Campaign for the Triton-World’s First Artificial Gills

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