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Stacy Says: Stocking Stuffer Review on Perry’s Cool Tech Self-Defense Gadgets for Women

Cool Tech Self Defense

Christmas morning I opened my stocking with my family, my husband particularly interested in my reactions. It was filled with half of the cool tech items he blogs about and most recently items from his feature on Self Defense Tips for Women…should have seen that coming. Fortunately, I appreciate the romance in his concern for my safety.

Here is a quick peek into some of the goodies that I found inside my stocking on Christmas and a few of my thoughts on these cool tech gadgets for you guys and girls that might be interested in purchasing them for your significant others and loved ones.

Cool Tech Self Defense Gadgets for Women_LRPepper Spray Bracelet The mace for my early morning runs is the perfect size and color (pink) but I do have concerns that the dispenser hole naturally points at me, especially while running (like a watch does) and it will take the extra conscience effort to turn the top of my wrist away from myself or take it off and turn it to point at the predator. I can say at this point, it may be a threat to us both, maybe I need neon sign on back announcing that I am a blonde carrying mace that should deter most predators.

The key chain flashlight is great! I’m not typically a fan of keychains, but the functionality has my attention. It has three light settings and the high one is impressively bright, I saw spots for hours! I have carried a mini flashlight in my purse for years and while I may have only used it a dozen times, I was really happy I had when I needed it. The key chain is a little large for my taste, but I’ll put my mini in the junk drawer and see how it goes.

Kitty Key Chain Pink_RT

The Wild Cat Defense Key Chain  really? It will go in the glove box. Again, I’m not a keychain person and it is quite large. I love the concept, just not my style, but when my daughters are old enough, they will each have one and know how to use it.

Bolt Power G06 Car Battery Power Bank Charger love it! ’nuff said

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