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Self-Defense Tips for Women

Staggering Statistics on Crimes against Women

self-defenseAccording to research conducted by, up to76% of women are the targets of violence, either physical or sexual at some point in their lives. Findings by the Bureau of Justice Statistics suggest that violence against women is not always random but often takes place within the confines of a partnership with over 500,000 females over the age of 12 being victims of robbery, assault, and rape ( In 2010, the Bureau of justice also reported that in 11% of rapes, offenders were armed with guns, knives, and other weapons ( Research also suggests that every 9 seconds, a woman is beaten or assaulted in the United States (

While these statistics are frightening, there are some measures that women, and even children can take to defend themselves in the midst of an attack. We are not talking about whipping out your latest Kill Bill moves but rather assessing the situation and responding effectively and efficiently to reduce the risk of physical harm. As research suggests, some attackers may be perfect strangers, while many are people that you know. Here are a few self-defense points to consider if faced with uncertain danger.

Simple Self-Defense Techniques for Women and Children

  • Understand that all attackers are different, acting with different motive, so when it comes to self-defense, there may not be a single weapon or action that will stop them from harming you. Use your instinct and follow your gut.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. The location of an attack can impact your vulnerability. Avoid desolate areas whenever possible and if you are confronted by an attacker, scream, yell, and draw any attention to yourself.
  • Plan an escape and keep your distance. The closer that an attacker is to you, the easier it is for them to cause harm but know that for every one step you take, they may be able to take double or triple that amount depending on their size and speed.

Learn self-defense techniques. If you have not taken any self-defense classes, you can still at least try to fight off an attacker, follow your instinct. Aim for the throat, groin, neck, nose, legs, and the ears using strike force. Rener Gracie of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu told Melanie Pinola on in ‘Basic Self-Defense Moves Anyone Can Do (and Everyone Should Know)’ that phase #3 of a sexual assault is to “exhaust the target” (Lifehacker), physical exhaustion of the victim gives the attacker an opportunity to do harm because there is no fight left. In the case of some rapes, other non-physical responses may be safer than expending every ounce of energy.

Remember, your adrenaline will be pumping so you can either fight or flight, but do not under any circumstance feel that you must become a victim. The reality is that you may end up getting hurt but you have the right to survive.

Check out this video on basic self-defense in 30 Seconds with Rob Redenbach

If you are looking for self-defense classes, Krav Maga is one option. The self-defense system, developed by Imi Lichtenfeld is centered on real-world scenarios with a focus on counter-attacks. In Krav Maga, it is about neutralizing threats while executing defensive maneuvers and avoiding confrontation whenever possible. If avoidance not be a possibility, the system teaches students to maximize efficiency with quick performance and situational awareness. Students are taught to focus on targeting key areas on the body.  Krav Maga system has been utilized by law enforcement and military worldwide.

Arm yourself with the right tools, just in case. You never know when you might come face to face with your worst nightmare, so it is always better to be prepared than not. Below are a couple of items that, you should keep handy for your own self-defense.

Any defense weapons that you use should not be obvious to your attacker.

The Wild Cat Defense Key Chain

Wild Cat Defense KeyChain

The portable keychain allows users to place their fingers through the eye-holes while the tips of the cat’s ears can be used against an attacker.

A flashlight is good to have in case of an emergency and most cell phones do have decent ones. If you are looking for a combination of a self-defense product with a light the KeyKitt with flashlight is great for women and teens.








Kitty Key Chain with Light

The light for the KeyKitty can be turned on using the nose. This device can be conveniently carried along with your car keys and the cat’s eye holes are large enough to fit the index and middle fingers should it be used as a self-defense tool.

If you find yourself stranded, the safest thing that you can do is get back on the road. A portable car battery charger with multiple capabilities can really help you escape in a pinch. In addition, you never want to lose comms. It is important to ensure that your cell phones and mobile devices are fully charged at all times because you never know when you will need them in an emergency.  The following product is a portable solution for your self-defense and emergency needs.

Bolt Power G06 Car Battery Power Bank Charger

Bolt Power G06 Car Battery

This is a standout product in the category as it offers a much balanced portfolio of all the critical features. It has a unique design that comes with a compact yet heavy duty portable jump starter offering the peak power of 600 AMP. It has a seriously resourceful power bank (built-in) with a capability of 16500mAh. The voltage options are also diverse as it offers users with 12, 16 and 19 Volts DC output.

A key switch is introduced by the manufacturer on-board to switch in between different voltage levels. The system also comes with 3 emergency LED lights offering 3 different modes of high, SOS and strobe. Apart from this, the LED light is also used for the purpose of indicating about the status. Further, the 7 in 1 laptop adapter option brings more versatility and it offers great compatibility with all modern and conventional laptop brands. The following are some aspects of this product which makes it a unanimous choice for the potential buyers looking for a top quality product:

  • The safety of the user is of prime concern always and this one is tailor-made to provide exceptional performance in all situations with lots of safety as well. It offers safety with the features such as over current protection, overload safety, overcharge protection, short circuit safety and the overvoltage safety.
  • You are offered this battery charger with an easy to claim warranty of 12 months.
  • The product is compliant with FAA standards and regulations and you can even carry it on a plane.

Pepper Spray is great to use but there have been cases where robbers have actually turned cans of spray on their victims. The Prepper Spray Bracelet may be a safer alternative so that your attacker does not get his/hands on it.

Pepper Spray Bracelet

Pepper Spray Bracelet

The Pepper Spray Bracelet is available in pink, black, or pink and black, and it can be placed on the without movement or restriction. Consisting of 10% OC Pepper Spray, it shoots as far as 3 feet and contains about 3-6 bursts.

When in the face of danger, survival should always be at the forefront. Paracord often used for survival can also be used for self-defense when danger strikes.




Monkey Fist Self-Defense Keychain

Monkey Fist Paracord Keych

The Monkey Fist Paracord Keychain is 9.8: in length and can be used to strike an attacker. The Monkey Fist, made with 550 military-grade paracord, contains a 1” steel ball and is dual-threaded for durability. It is available in over 30 colors.

Remember, one of the simplest things that you can do in the wake of an attack is to make as much noise as you can to alert anyone within earshot that you are in danger and in need of help.





Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG Whistle


Fox 40 Whistle

Every woman, child, and even men should have a whistle on hand. The Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG Whistle can emit up to 120 dB of sound, is easy to use, and is available in multiple color options.



While under attack, you may not feel like you have the confidence to survive. You may feel like you are not in control but, you must be mentally prepared. Fight for life, fight for your family. Senseless attacks are just that and you cannot reason with the unreasonable, so don’t even try. If you do decide to utilize any of the above suggestions or any tools for self-defense, they must be accessible, easy to use, and with an infinite shelf-life if possible. It is not at all uncommon to be attacked while abroad so if you do travel with your self-defense tools, ensure that they are TSA compliant.

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