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Top 5 Crowdfunded Tech Items

Let’s get straight to the point for this week’s roundup on cool tech. Usually I just feature only 1 tech gadget but in this season of giving, I’ve decided to hit you with list of my #favorite inventions now trending on Kickstarter. Without further ado, presenting my Top 5 Crowdfunded tech that happens to be really cool.

Now I’m normally a vodka drinker by choice (Tito’s being my fav), but I do enjoy a really nice single malt scotch on occasion and the glass that I like to use is very important which is why I’m intrigued by this successful campaign…

1). The Norlan Whiskey Glass

Tech Norlan Wisky Glass









This one is for the road warrior. Who doesn’t need another carry-on right?

2). G-RO Revolutionary Carry-On Luggage

Tech G-RO intelligent luggage








Ya just don’t know what will be a successful crowdfunding campaign, but this is pretty cool:

3). Lampster, Lamp with Attitude

Tech Lamp with Attitude






The world of rapid prototyping and low production runs has changed considerably the last few years and every day there’s something new and fascinating that is more accessible to small businesses and the individual.

The next two tech’s are pretty sweet and I plan to look into their capabilities more closely.

4). Makerarm

Tech Makearm










High-Precision 3D Scanning powered by your Smartphone…

5). EORA 3D

Tech Eora3D Scanner










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