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OPM Hack The Mismanagement of Human Capital?

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Ya know, I use to think that OPM meant Other People’s Money for the most part and didn’t really pay “too” much attention to the news some months ago when the O of PM was mentioned.  Well, I’m a bit more attentive to it now that I have received a letter from the Office of Personnel Management stating that my personal info had been boosted by hackers.

Office of Personnel Management ID Theft Impacting Millions

What is the OPM? OPM is responsible for personnel management of the civil service of the Government, basically a storage bank for individual information, or management (mismanagement) of Human Capital as they state on their website, of people directly associated with the US Government, either through service or family relationship. So, besides the fact that my SSN has been compromised which is bad enough, but effectively every bit of personal information about me going back 30+ years as that’s the info required for people holding or have held a Security Clearance. That’s all anyone would need to assume my identity completely. How spooky is that?! This compromise is now affecting millions of people. In fact, as an employer of several retired military personnel, more than half of my company has received the same letter that I have. F’ing insane!

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OPM Hack, Institutional Incompetence?

As a retired Bomb Disposal Operator, it’s a part of my nature to continually assess my surroundings and any given situation.  So, as I take this disturbing bit of news in with all the other disturbing bits of news on any given day: the Veteran’s Affairs being a wreck, ISIS, former Secretary of State ignoring not only the Law but not being a good steward of classified info, etc., etc., etc., I’m driven to pause and wonder…WTF?!  I mean really…we’re either talking about an extraordinary level of instituted incompetence or something altogether scarier.  Hey, just to be clear, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, nor a doomsday preacher, or one prone to ridiculous “end of days” thought, but there’s overwhelming evidence that just points to something that is less than desirable for any good American.

I guess I should be grateful that the OPM offered up the services of ID Experts, for a whopping 3 years for me and my family, but I can’t help but to wonder… whose palms are getting greased by choosing this company?

Now I’m not saying that ID Experts is a bad or incompetent company I’m just questioning who the competent authority was that chose them when it seems it was incompetence that got “ME” in this situation to begin with? By the way, I checked ID Experts out and it doesn’t look too promising for me or my family’s identity security.

Check out Jennifer Abel’s article on Consumer Affairs ‘OPM hack fallout: feds pay $133 million for largely useless) ID theft monitoring services’.

I guess I’m done chatting about this now as I really just needed to get this off my chest.   I’ll call it blogathy…Blog Therapy or maybe it’s really just a strong repulsion to the idea of writing a blog today. Insert the raspberry noise that one makes when disappointed, disparaged, disheartened, dissatisfied, or just plain Dissed!  Thhpptpt!

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