Zero Point CEO Perry Sasnett Featured in Inc. Magazine

Zero Point, CEO Perry Sasnett is featured in Inc. Magazine ‘How Red Bull Helps the Best Competitors up Their Game, in Sports and Business’, an article by Jeff Bercovici. Red Bull, a renowned brand among extreme-sports enthusiasts brought together some of the greatest athletes in the world for the annual “Performance Under Pressure” Camp, an intense week-long event that encourages elite athletes to excel in high-pressure situations.

Perry Sasnett, a retired U.S. Navy War Veteran, bomb disposal expert and entrepreneur was invited to present at the performance camp and introduced the “Bomb Disposal Mindset Session”. Perry’s session consisted of physically and emotionally challenging EOD scenarios developed to mirror actual situations minus the risk of death and without disclosing confidential explosive ordnance procedures.

Check out Inc. Magazine’s video feature on ‘How Red Bull Helps the Best Competitors up Their Game, in Sports and Business’.

Inc. Magazine Interviews Perry Sasnett at Annual Red Bull Performance Under Pressure Camp


Perry Inc. Magazine

Among world-class Olympic athletes and industry-leading CEOs, Perry Sasnett was interviewed by Inc.’s own Jeff Bercovici, discussing his own experiences in dealing with stressful situations. The feature covers some of the most intense exercises that Perry used to challenge participants during his session as well as commentary from the athletes. The Red Bull “Performance Under Pressure” Camp took place at the Red Bull Headquarters in Santa Monica October 1st through the 7th.



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