Perry The Red Bulletin

Perry Sasnett CEO Zero Point featured in The Red Bulletin

The Red Bulletin Highlights Perry Sasnett Retired Navy Veteran, Bomb Disposal Expert, and Business Owner

Perry The Red Bulletin

Perry Sasnett, CEO Zero Point speaking at Red Bull Performance Under Pressure Camp 2015 Featured on The Red Bulletin

Perry Sasnett, CEO of Zero Point, a Virginia-based Explosive Ordnance Disposal firm is featured in The Red Bulletin, a sports, culture, and lifestyle imprint of Red Bull Media House. In a story by Vanda Gyuris, “Fear is Not an Option: When Athletes are Trained to Overcome Fear from All Angles, The Limits of Human Potential Are Pushed to the Extreme”, readers are introduced to Perry Sasnett, a retired Veteran, world-renowned bomb disposal expert, and entrepreneur who pushes world-class athletes beyond their limits in an unconventional way.

Perry was invited to attend the Annual Red Bull “Performance Under Pressure Camp”, a week-long event that challenges the world’s elite to perform at their highest level in the most intense situations and the most stressful environments. The participants, consisting of world-class athletes and Olympians were encouraged go beyond the physical and mental to enhance their performance without fear.

Perry presented the “Bomb Disposal Mindset Session”, a series of on-going scenarios for participants that included simulated explosive ordnance situations and surprisingly, stressful environments. Though, not disclosing confidential EOD procedures, and not brining actual harm to unsuspecting participants, Perry challenged members of the camp to increase their situational awareness and respond under heightened stress.

Check out how Perry Sasnett Trains Top Athletes to Enhance Performance Under Stress at Red Bull Performance Under Pressure Camp

The Red Bull “Performance Under Pressure” Camp took place October 1st through the 7th at the Red Bull headquarters in Santa Monica, CA. Find out more about Perry’s Bomb Disposal Presentation and other challenges faced by top athletes by reading the FULL ARTICLE

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