Perry_Sasnett_US_Navy_Veteran's Day

Hats Off to Our Veterans!

Perry_Sasnett_US_Navy_Veteran's Day

1994 Naval Special Warfare Development Group (NSWDG) Recruit Package Picture
29 year old Operations Specialist 2nd Class Perry Sasnett (EOD)

Both active and retired.

We, US of A, are at a considerably weakened stance while it seems the world is becoming more dangerous by the day.  Couple this with a reduced (Code: Weakened) military and a “less than effective” VA and it doesn’t get much worse.  Ripe for an attack? Maybe.  Time for some change? You bet.  Don’t misunderstand me, this IS NOT the fault of our military personnel.  They’re giving 100% all the time like they always do, which is more than can be said for the ones charged with taking care of them.  I could go on and on but I’ll get off my soapbox and get on with praising our brave men and women who have, and who still are serving so that the rest of us can relish the hard fought freedom we enjoy.

My hat is off to all Veterans, not only on Veterans Day, but every day of every  year!

Stay safe and keep your powder dry Heroes!

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