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The Year of 10s

As I reflect on what Stacy and I accomplished 10 years ago I am truly amazed.

As I realize just how many “10 year anniversary” moments there’s been within the last year it only emphasizes just how crazy, busy my wife and I were.  Last 02 April 2016 (couldn’t do April Fool’s) was our 10 anniversary.  I got her another Diamond Eternity Band and she got me a cool-ass skull ring.  Unfortunately fortunate I had work to do with Red Bull up in Montana so I did what any level-headed husband would do if possible…I took her along and put her to work.  🙂

Perry and Stacy Sasnett Wedding Photo

Perry and Stacy 10 Year Anniversary

Late last year was the 10th anniversary of being in business, one that Stacy and I started and what seems so long ago, but still only a flash in time.  Starting a business from scratch is a very tough endeavor and without a supportive wife it probably wouldn’t have gotten off the ground.  To make it to 10 years is surreal and reassuring.  Would I do things differently?  Yeah, I made a few mistakes, lost a few friends, fell out of shape, but “hey!”, I’m a bit wiser, I know my really good friends now and I’m getting back into shape.

01 February 2017 will mark my 10 year anniversary of retiring from the US Navy.  That’s half of the time I spent in the Navy.  I had a remarkable career, but knew it was time to go.  Some guys and gals have the same feeling while others go all the way to the end, 30 years depending on rank, and then retire.  No regrets and I had a hankering to start a business.  And so much has happened since then.  Still have my original card.  Probably just jinxed myself.

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Perry and Sailor

This coming May my oldest daughter, Addison, will turn 10.  Born May 30, 2007 right in the middle of everything: just retired, really hard to make the business work and if having a pregnant wife with our firstborn wasn’t enough we decided to completely renovate our house.  I mean tiling floors, painting, putting in a new kitchen.  I wish I could find the pic of my wife grouting the tile the day before Addison was born.  Insane!  As the saying goes…”If you’re gonna be dumb, you’d better be hard”.

Addison Baby Photo


What a ride!  Just thinking back to that timeframe and where we’re at today is remarkable.  I can’t wait for the next 10!  I thought it would be a bit fun reminiscing and highlighting the time differences.

Oh, I almost forgot!  This year my wife will be turning 40, another biggie, but I don’t think I’m supposed to talk about that.  🙂


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