Hansons Marathon Method Training Week 6…Done!

But not that easy, speed training and longer runs.

Here’s the COP, Chart of Progress

Perry Sasnett Week 6 Training Hansons Marathon Method

© Perry Sasnett

Monday – Easy 4 miles according to week 6 of the Hanson’s Beginners Program.    Now what I’ve neglected to mention, I think, is that my wife and I “plan” on finishing the NYC marathon in 4 hours or less which is a 9:09 per mile race pace.  That means an that easy days you add `1 minute to your pace per mile, if I’m reading the book correctly.  That said, it does pay to actually read the book AND understand its critical points.  That said, we do read the book.  In fact, it goes to the beach, hangs out by the pool, gets wet and loses a few pages.  The book is taking a bit of a beating, but it’s still valuable!


Perry Week 6 Training Hansons Marathon Method Book

© Perry Sasnett

Tuesday – Speed training kicked in for me this week.  I made the “assumption” that the interval speed training meant getting it as hard as you could and that’s what I did.  6 miles of 12x400M of “gettin it” and a 12x400M rest pace was a bit tough, admittedly.  Well, as a former EOD operator I should know better than to “assume” versus assess…or read the friggin book!  The actual interval training should have consisted of a about an 8:15 – 8:30 pace, followed by an easy jog rest pace.  I de-ent do dat.  The numbers below show warm up mile, then how I ran too fast which in turn made me run to slow during rest periods and followed by cool down back to the casa.

Perry Sasnett Week 6 Training Hansons Marathon Method Intervals

© Perry Sasnett


Check out a comprehensive post on Speed Training at Sport Fitness Advisor.

Wednesday – Or what I’ve termed “Water Wednesday” is a day of rest according to the program.  Thank god!  So the missus and I went to the local beach for some SUP’ing which was a pretty good workout itself…balance, upper body and cardio.

Perry Sasnett Stand Up Paddle Boarding

© Perry Sasnett

Thursday – Started race pace running.  Our proposed race pace is 9:09 which means the 5 miler should have been completed in 45:45, but I ran a 46:18 which puts me at about 7 seconds over race pace.  Not too far off, but needs work.  Day ended with Adult Night Out…got in about midnight.

Friday – An Easy 4 today which is good because still a bit fuzzy from the night out.  Blah.

Saturday & Sunday – Both easy 8 milers.  My wife and I flip flop on who goes first which is fairly important as its mid-August and hot so you either get up earlier for a “cooler” run or you sleep in and sweat your do-dads off.  Sunday I went last…brutal!  Weather said 88 degrees but felt like 99.  Not sure how meteorologists figure out the feels like temperature…”Hey Bob, how hot would you say it is?  Well Fred, feels like 99 degrees to me right now”.  Well anyway, it sure felt like the 99 degrees the weather app said it was.

erry Week 6 Training Photo

© Perry Sasnett

Next week – More of the same but a little more distance and hopefully a little faster.  Check out my wife’s blog to see how she’s doing.  Coming shortly.

At age 51 today, Perry Sasnett hasn’t slowed down since retiring nearly 10 years ago as a Chief Warrant Officer, Navy Diver & Bomb Disposal Expert with 3 combat tours.  He now spends a lot of his time with his wife and two young daughters, serving as the CEO of the company he and his wife started from scratch after retiring, being an all-around entrepreneur and an aspiring philanthropist and pretty much enjoying life to the fullest.  Enjoys experiencing news things, traveling (to nice places), exercising, challenges, a good martini, not a fan of pina colada’s, but doesn’t mind getting caught in the rain…and loves his family above all other things.

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