Thank a Veteran Pledge the DRT

The DRT Down Range Multi-Tool Indiegogo Campaign Update

Thank a Veteran Pledge the DRTJust under 30 days remain until the end of my crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for the DRT. I truly appreciate your support in sharing this project with your networks.

Why the DRT?

Simple. The DRT was created to provide users with everything they need to get the job done. Initially when I started developing the DRT, it had over 40 different tools and features, but as I began to make more modifications, I discovered that this small multi-tool could offer over 50 different features, including 15 different AR cleaning applications.

Being an EOD operator within Special Operations not only demands a unique skill set and dedication, but you also need tools that are highly capable and of the utmost caliber. There are so many factors that go into determining the best equipment to carry especially when there are times that the only equipment you have available is that which you can carry on your person. The DRT (Down Range Tool) was developed with size, weight, functionality and most importantly quality in mind. The DRT is a revolutionary single-billet multi-tool designed to manage a number of tasks both on and off the field as well as inside the home or office.

How your contributions will help make the DRT a reality?

I’ve got a couple of prototypes out there but, I want to make the DRT a reality and you can help. The contributions that you have made to the campaign on Indiegogo will help to complete design, tooling, proofing, testing, production, and assembly of the Down Range Tool. The sooner that I can meet my goal, the sooner you and fellow supporters will be able to take advantage of all of the benefits that the DRT has to offer. There is truly nothing like it available today and so far the feedback I have received has been great.

In fact, this week the DRT was featured on Selling the Second Amendment. Stop by the blog to check out the post and be sure to follow STSA on Facebook.

Again, just under 30 days remain in this campaign and I need your help to spread the word. Let your friends, family and associates know that you supported the #DRT. Share your feedback in the comments below and tag your posts with #iPledgedTheDRT.


-Perry Sasnett

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