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DRT (Down Range Tool) Indiegogo Campaign Update

DRT Down Range Tool

Last week I uploaded a new YouTube video demonstrating how the DRT can be used to clean an AR15. I also shared a bunch of photos on my Instagram feed showcasing some of the key AR-cleaning features, if you haven’t had the chance to check them out please do! New photos have also been added to the campaign gallery on Indiegogo. As always I welcome your comments and feedback.

I appreciate everyone who has supported the campaign thus far but I am a long way from my goal of $25K. Reaching this goal means that my engineering team can complete design on the DRT, I can then get it into production and in your hands in time for the holidays. Let’s make this happen!

I would like to encourage my backers to click on any of the social media icons on the campaign page and share it with your friends using the hashtag #iPledgedTheDRT.

This week I am adding a Featured Perk to the campaign, it is the “DRT Veteran’s ‘Thank You’ Set. This perk includes 1 DRT with a Glass-breaker PLUS 1 DRT without Glass-breaker, FULL Micro-storage components and is an ideal gift for veterans who enjoy a variety of activities both on and off of the range. View my Micro-Storage Components in the Gallery to see what’s included. Pledge the DRT Support a Veteran-Made product innovation.

Veteran Made Multi-Tool

Thank you again and check back for more updates on the DRT.


Perry Sasnett

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